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Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle
Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle
Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle
Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle
Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle

Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle

Regular price R$ 180,00

The Spicy Vagïna Massage Candle provides moments of relaxation for the body and mind in addition to being highly moisturizing due to its Shea Butter content.

Its composition is 100% vegetable and when lit turns into a body oil that doesn't burn the skin. The combination of the vegetable oils blend with the fragrance composition, with notes of fig, spices and black pepper, provokes sensations that stimulate the senses, perfumes the environment and provides a very special atmosphere.

How to use:

Light the candle for approximately 15 minutes until it forms a lake of body oil. After blowing it out wait 1 minute before pouring the liquid wax into the body part that will be massaged.


Check if the wick is correctly positioned, tilt the cup and light the candle. Do not apply on irritated or injured skin or on mucous membranes. Do not ingest. Product for external use. In case of irritation, discontinue use immediately. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not light near flammable materials. Place the candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Keep vigilance while lit.

The SPICY VAGÏNA fragrance was exclusively developed by EAUX parfums for INTENSIFY.ME.

Oh là là… C’est très Intensify.Me.


The glass bell is not included

Made in Brazil.

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Sergio L.
Brazil Brazil

Muito bom! Minha esposa gostou demais.