About Us

Intensify.me was founded in 2013 by the designer Priscila Gomide. She was coming from creating and selling clothes made of natural dyes and fibers. Her sophisticated linen and silk pieces, however, demanded an equally elegant solution to transparency, that Priscila diligently and creatively designed. With every collection, there was a parallel line of more delicate pieces that offered a soft touch to the skin and beautiful finishing to her main pieces. Slowly, these sophisticated and elegant “underwear” pieces became the best-sellers of her previous brand, Gomide.

Three years later, Priscila decided to focus on pieces that could solve those wardrobe malfunctions and little problems that prevented women to wear some clothes. She also wanted to enhance the beauty of feminine body. Intensify.me was born.

The Brand Today

Intensify.me is a luxury handmade brand based in São Paulo (Studio/store) with an online presence and few distributers around Brazil.

We are very conscious of our environmental and social impact. Our garments are dyed in laundries that generate zero pollution. Our lace is fairtraded from Colombia and France. We are also aware of our positive impact in the productive chain and we work closer with seamstresses and artisans supporting their own businesses, with the needed infrastructure, besides comfortable settings and great machines. Many of them depend exclusively on our brand.

And thanks to the many Brazilians living abroad and also non Brazilians reaching out to us, in 2018 after some very successful Trunk Shows (Miami, Los Angeles, Park City) we've decided to open an online store in US!

Our garments are comfortable, stylish, have a great value and full of purpose. We want to be a daily companion to women, building up self-confidence and supporting them whatever their journey is.

We love to promote conferences and discussions in our studio/store about any woman's subject that matters to our clients and society.

Rua dos Pinheiros, 411, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
(+55 11) 3061-9696/ (+55 11) 94239-2508

(+ 55 61) 98345-6068