Our design is based on the innovative concept of Middlewear®, a layer between the lingerie and the outerwear that has three initial functions: to give a finishing touch to everyday wear, adding character to a final look, and to allow difficult pieces to be worn with ease.

To put our brand into context, since the beginning, we had a woman in mind that needed a piece that was a mixture of La Perla and Spanx.

On one hand, a piece that is beautiful and comfortable but does not need to be saved for special occasions as it is wearable. On the other hand, a piece that is needed to shape the body, but is not meant to be hidden because of its bland colors and unappealing design. Our formula:

Underwear + Middlewear®+ outwear= New Intensify.Me Look

We have bodysuits, combination dresses (slips), tops, hot panties, second skins and petticoats that together “intensify” and enhance the woman’s body and wardrobe on day-to-day basis. Our designs take into account the different kinds of bodies and the changes a woman’s body go through during her life, and are meant to help her make the best of her body in a simple way.