& Irrita

More than a year ago the stylist Rita Comparato got in touch with Pri Gomide with the idea of ​​creating together a beachwear line for her brand, Irrita. They decided to unite glamorous pieces from with abstract, colorful and intense prints from Irrita.

Rita Comparato is a stylist characterized by powerful modeling and hand-made prints. At Irrita, the stylist makes art in the form of casual clothes combining sarongs, chemises and jumpsuits with her prints, capable of dispelling the boredom of everyday life and giving grace to the wardrobe.

The print developed for the pieces originated from drawings by the Portuguese-Brazilian modernist multiartist Fernando Lemos (1926 to 2019), surrealist photographer, painter, poet, plastic artist and designer. This collection has is based by its work between the 60s and 70s, period in which the artist was awarded at the São Paulo International Biennial for its geometry and contrasts.

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